Original Poetry

The poems printed on the back of the cards are based on the poetry compiled in my book “Love Walks Quietly “ 

These poems have been written throughout my life and are often inspired by nature and the changing seasons and the feelings that inspires. They are also around the themes of love, friendship and Christmas

My poems are never planned – they just come to me often as I write them and sometimes with words and meanings I do not fully understand at the time

Poem 13
To Winter

To touch the cold air
To swim through it nose first
To feel the numb fingers
To see the clouded breath
To encircle with woollen layers
To feel the warmth of pockets
To come inside to rapid heat
To preserve for a moment
The cold freshness of coats and scarves
To feel the joy of Winter
The sense of cold
The sense of approaching snow
With its peace and muffle
All raise my spirits
With familiarity
Bringing treasured memories
Of childhood’s moments of joy
As Christmas approaches

Poem 7
Awe Inspired Moon
The awe inspired Moon
Smiled benevolently
Captured in a halo
Of her own beauty
Then she breathed in
As if to draw to herself
Her lighted herringbone clouds
And hide once more
Beneath their sheltered blanket
As if too much love given
Withdraws on itself for protection
And in withdrawing
She cleared the sky
To find her companions
Studded around her
After the sky’s night
Has cried its heart out

Poem 9
Summer Song
The faded bluebells of late spring
And the lollipops of dandelion seeds
Give way
To every colour of green available
The birds shrieking
The exalted days
Of nest making
And parenting
The blackbirds guarded warning
Mixed with songs of love
Bringing forth new life
As sure as the trees
Are filled with summers light and warmth

The design of the card is then based on the imagery and the colour combination inspired by the poetry itself – in the design below you can see how a poem about autumn and the movement and colours of the leaves inspires the design 

The Story Of My Cards

Like many people, the road that I have followed in life has influenced me greatly and it has brought me to where I am today; the person that I am today. I have found great solace through my poetry and I get a great deal of pleasure for creating my own cards. Read on below if you’d like to know more about me.


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