Autumn leaf cards
08.30.2023 3:16 pm  |  93  |  A+ | a-

Its funny how one thing leads to another ....but as I have been invited to Stokesley Show in September , I was thinking I needed to maybe make cards with a sheep theme (believe they are to come!) - so to make sheep I thought I could use a
cloud craft punch to cut out the shape of the body I ordered one and when it arrived I thought ...Hey that could make a great shape for a tree also ! ( are you still following my train of thought?!) Hence this years Autumn leaf cards feature trees as well as leaves !! The image shows it all I hope - they also feature some awesome autumn shades card I bought last year and have been itching to use and some brilliant wrapping paper with the words "Hello Autumn" - and of course the cards have my seasonal autumn poem printed on the back!
The cards will have their debut at the craft fare in the town hall in Richmond this coming Sunday 3rd September and they are also available in my webshop under the "seasons" category if you follow the link to