Hand Made

The range of cards from Art and Rhyme are hand made and designed by myself Katrina Palmer and they are unique in that they have my own original poetry printed on the back.

Each design is inspired by the imagery and sentiment of the poem and also by the matching of the many different colour combinations from the materials I use. My head is often full of new ideas for designs – from when I first started I have thought up 280 designs!

I make the cards using a range of materials in many colours – cards, paper , wrapping paper, old maps, books and calendars plus a range of small sequins and gems . I cannot resist when I see a new paper or possible colour combination and the many different tiny shapes from the world of nail art!

From these materials I use a range of craft punches to cut out different shapes – hearts , leaves , stars, Christmas trees – even cats and dogs – its amazing what shapes you can cut out – I was very excited recently to find punches that cut out spirals and holly leaves!

Like all crafters – I have to admit I am a real magpie for collecting materials – I have a whole chest of drawers full plus my wardrobes have had to give over some space too…..

Once the shapes are cut out I go to work placing them in order and sticking them down – on average each card takes about 20 minutes to make and it is very satisfying to produce a beautiful image to help express the imagery of my poetry .

Please do be aware that although each card follows a design – its impossible to exactly replicate the image each time – this however does make each card unique!

The Story Of My Cards

Like many people, the road that I have followed in life has influenced me greatly and it has brought me to where I am today; the person that I am today. I have found great solace through my poetry and I get a great deal of pleasure for creating my own cards. Read on below if you’d like to know more about me.


Katrina Palmer
The Tack Room
North Yorkshire
DL10 4RE

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